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Spiritual Growth Life Coaching

Truth Speaker | Podcaster | Author

Feb 4, 2019

Life Coaching - helps you to make and achieve goals that would not be possible on your own - helps to implement successful changes in each client's life - is present and future focused rather than past focused like a therapist or counselor - unbiased & non-judgmental environment - serves you in motivation, commitment, accountability, and responsibility - offers clarity ~ self-awareness from a godly truth perspective - boosts confidence and self-esteem in whom God made/purposed/called you to be


1 Peter 2:9 | Acts 2:23 | Colossians 1:16 | Ecclesiastes 3:1 | Jeremiah 29:11 | Jeremiah 32:19Proverbs 19:21

5 Ways to Know You Need a Life Coach FREE PDF attached

5 Ways to Know You Need A Life Coach